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Ipswich Kitchen Fitters is the premier kitchen fitting company in Ipswich, Suffolk. We also serve Stowmarket and Bury St Edmunds along with all the villages in between these areas. Our team of highly skilled and professional kitchen installers are available today for your home improvement needs. We provide kitchen installation services for new and existing homes.

Over the years we have mastered our craft at installing all types of kitchens including; shaker kitchens, handle-less kitchens, high gloss kitchens, matte kitchens and many more. We are also capable of carrying out the plumbing and tiling aspect of your kitchen installation. The kitchen is the heart of any household and re-designing it will add value and comfort to your home. We are available to provide free quotations today. Feel free to call or email our customer service team today through the contact us page if you are interested in our services.

About Us
If you are interested in having a new kitchen installed, you’ve come to the right website. Ipswich Kitchen Fitters is a kitchen company based in Ipswich, Suffolk. We offer personalised quotations to make your kitchen dreams become a reality. Our team is available for design consultation, branding consultation and installation services. We are a team of highly trained, professional kitchen installers and are ready to get started on your job today. We have installed a lot of kitchens over the years. If you’re not looking for a whole new kitchen we also offer worktop and cabinet installation services. We welcome you to call or email us today if you are interested in any of our services.

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    Our Services

    Ipswich Kitchen Fitters is available for general advice, quotations and installations. Our team of professional kitchen fitters take great pride in the work they carry out and have a “we are only as good as our last project” attitude. We can usually come to your property within a week to provide you with a quotation however we always recommend making contact as soon as possible. Do you need a new kitchen or kitchen cabinets installed? Don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can make your home kitchen look unrecognisable with our quality craftsmanship installing your dream kitchen. No job is too big or too small for Ipswich Kitchen Fitters!

    Kitchen Fitter Ipswich

    Kitchen Fitter Stowmarket

    Kitchen Fitter Bury St Edmunds

    Kitchen Fitter Ipswich
    Do you need a kitchen fitter in Ipswich? Give our friendly team a call today. Ipswich Kitchen Fitters loves working locally in the Ipswich area. We can offer our full range of services to you which are listed on our website and provide local references also. We would take great pride in being given the opportunity to beautify your kitchen. Our team can also help with maintenance issues within your kitchen.

    Kitchen Fitter Stowmarket
    Ipswich Kitchen Fitters has worked in Stowmarket for a number of years now. Our team has great local knowledge of the area and always enjoys working in Stowmarket. We are generally available at short notice to meet you at your home and discuss your kitchen requirements with you. We can install shaker kitchens, handle-less kitchens, high gloss kitchens, matte kitchens, high quality fitted kitchens and more. Give us a call today if you would like to discuss these services with a member of our team.

    Kitchen Fitter Bury St Edmunds
    The beautiful town of Bury St Edmunds has such history in each and every home we visit. If you are looking to install a kitchen to suit the age of your house or a brand new modern kitchen then look no further. Our team can turn your vision into reality. We can beautify your kitchen whilst protecting the rest of your house from the dust and mess. Our tradesmen leave every house spotless after each and every installation ensuring our customers are always satisfied.

    Matte Kitchens

    Handle-less Kitchens

    Shaker Kitchens

    Matte Kitchens
    Ipswich Kitchen Fitters are very experienced when it comes to installing Matte Kitchens. We understand the care and precision we working with these to ensure no damage upon installation. A new kitchen can dramatically improve the look of your home as well as making it a lot more functional. Over the years we have worked with all kinds of layouts and sizes of kitchens – there really is no job too big or too small for us. If you are interested in having a kitchen fitted, give our helpful team a call today.

    Handle-less Kitchens
    Ipswich Kitchen Fitters really appreciate the beauty in this option as well as the space saving aspect it provides. We can install new or vintage kitchens within new or existing homes. Handle-less kitchens provide a safer environment when you have little children running around as there are no handles to bump in to. This smooth finish on your kitchen will also emphasise it’s contemporary design. It is affordable, easy to install and can be boutique to your requirements. Call or email us today to learn more about our kitchen fitter services.

    Shaker Kitchens
    Ipswich Kitchen Fitters installs many Shaker Kitchens. Replacing just the doors of your kitchen cabinets and drawers with a Shaker Kitchen door will breathe a new lease of life into your kitchen. You’ll be amazed at how new and boutique your kitchen will feel. We offer our skilled kitchen installation services for all kitchens on the market. Our team is also available to fit your kitchen with precision and care. If you need a kitchen fitted, don’t hesitate to call our local team. We offer fast and affordable options to all of our clients!

    Contact Us Today

    If you are interested in any of our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Ipswich Kitchen Fitters provides kitchen fitter services in Ipswich, Stowmarket and Bury St Edmunds along with all the villages in between these areas. We are available for small and large kitchens. If you are interested to know more about our company, products or services feel free to give our local team a call through the number on our website. You can reach our local and friendly team by using the phone number at the bottom of this page. You can also reach us through the contact us page which our team will either call or email you back from. We answer all emails and phone calls during normal business hours (and sometimes outside of business hours) and always aim to reply as soon as possible.

    “We recently decided remove our old kitchen and install a brand new one. I used Ipswich Kitchen Fitters to carry out the work and the kitchen is now the centre piece of our home. They did an amazing job! Thanks!” – Mark B – Stowmarket
    “I just wanted to email my thanks to the team at Ipswich Kitchen Fitters. We needed a custom kitchen installed as our house is very old. I can’t believe the skill and craftsmanship shown, you made it look easy. Thanks again.” – Adam T – Ipswich​
    “Our new home needed the kitchen replaced. I engaged Ipswich Kitchen Fitters as they worked on my friends house down the road. They installed the kitchen exactly how we wanted it. I was in the house whilst the works were carried out and it was a pleasure meeting you.” – Doris A – Bury St Edmunds​


    How much does it cost to fit a kitchen?
    Fitting a new kitchen in Ipswich, UK depends on the size and time frame of the projects. Normally prices will come excluding the type of new appliances needed to be equipped, and the preparation services. Some of the preparation services typically offered include removing old wallpapers and plastered walls. Specifically, supplying and installing laminate kitchen worktops can be priced separate, as well as providing and tiling a kitchen splashback. Then the average cost of supplying and tiling the respective kitchen flooring is separate on the quotation as often home owners like to do this on their own. For the expense of kitchen appliances we recommend you leave a good portion of your budget for this to ensure you get the quality your kitchen deserves.

    How do I find a good kitchen fitter?
    Good kitchen fitters are used to working with kitchens to suit your budget needs. A good kitchen fitter is equipped with the necessary skills needed to produce fantastic work. He/she is well accredited with the right certifications to complete a kitchen fitting task and is pretty much competent to complete the installation within the required time frame. A good kitchen fitter is familiar with the standard building regulations to ensure functional safety and proper installation of the necessary appliances being configured in the kitchen. We recommend asking for referrals or reading reviews from previous customers.

    Do kitchen fitters do plumbing?
    Yes, kitchen fitters can offer plumbing services to potential clients. Kitchen fitters in Ipswich, UK, usually exist in the form of a team of competent workers of diverse skills, ready to partake in any kitchen job. In that particular team, there are carpenters who are experienced to carry out the basic plumbing works. They will ensure that the kitchen plumbing works are working correctly before considering the project completed. Kitchen fitting plumbing work is best to be carried out by your kitchen fitter to allow works to run smoothly, otherwise organising two different companies to work together can slow progress down.

    Can you fit a kitchen yourself?
    Yes, it is theoretically possible to fit a kitchen on your own, depending on your skill set. You first need the necessary tools and equipment to get things done, which are expensive and require extreme skill and care to use. A  working plan is then used to provide structured guidance and the careful steps to be followed from their simplicity to their complexity. You need to measure out the available space, install the required base units, join the groups all together to form a structured jointed unit, fix the present base units in the area, carefully mark out the selected spaces, good fix of the wall units, join them, install the necessary unit doors and then add on the worktop. We do not recommend trying to fit a kitchen yourself as doing so will likely cost you more in the long run putting right any mistakes.

    How long does it take to fit a small kitchen?                                  
    Small kitchen sizes should take a shorter period of installation compared to large and medium kitchen sizes. Fitting a small kitchen in Ipswich, UK is expected to take around 1-2 working days with a bit of  wall painting to match the cupboards, smart storage appliances, and bold flooring to highlight the kitchen appearance.  Replacement of the counters in the small kitchen may take a period of 2 to 4 hours depending on the worktop being removed, material replacing it, competency of the kitchen fitter and the kind of expertise being implemented in work. These time frames are a guide only and would of course depend on the size and complexity of your kitchen.