Kitchen Installers

Ipswich Kitchen Fitters is available for all your kitchen needs. For years now the kitchen has been thought of as the most important room in the house. We offer the highest quality finish and guarantee our work. We are available to discuss design ideas whilst providing a quotation through a home visit. Whichever layout or design of kitchen you choose, our team are more than capable of turning your dream into a reality. We aim to go above and beyond our client’s expectations each and every time. Feel free to call or email our team today for more information.

Benefits of a new kitchen
The benefits of installing a new kitchen in your home are endless. If you are a social household then it can become your entertaining space or a family household it will be where your family have great memories cooking and eating together. The comfort level of your house will increase dramatically and with new appliances, better ventilation will stop smells drifting through the house. The addition of a kitchen island would create a new place to sit and eat or a new serving area for your meals.

Kitchen layouts
Generally speaking there are 6 main layouts when considering your kitchen. These are; The One Wall Kitchen, The Galley Kitchen, The L-Shaped Kitchen, The U-Shaped Kitchen, The Island Kitchen and The Peninsula Kitchen. Depending on the size and layout of your current space will depend which layout suits your particular needs. If you are renovating your house then opening up the kitchen by taking out an existing wall could be a great way to transform your kitchen and home alike. This would be a bigger investment and that’s why you would need to engage skilled tradesmen who you can trust to get the work done!

Kitchen design styles
We are familiar with numerous kitchen design styles. A few ideas would be; Shaker Kitchens, Handle-less Kitchens, High Gloss Kitchens, Matte Kitchens, Fitted Kitchens and many more. In terms of picking a design style you could think of; country farmhouse, modern, cottage, contemporary, Mediterranean, coastal/beach house, traditional and many more for ideas. We are available today to install your dream kitchen. Feel free to call or email Ipswich Kitchen Fitters today for more information.

Cabinet installation
Ipswich Kitchen Fitters also install cabinets only if that’s what our customers require. Most people don’t understand that just changing your kitchen cabinets could make the whole kitchen look brand new. If your kitchen is looking old and needs bringing back to life then changing your cabinetry is a great cost-effective option. Our team will install your new cabinets with precision and care. We can generally provide quotations for this over the phone however we are always more than happy to carry out a home visit. Give our team a call today for more information on all of our kitchen or cabinet installation services.

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