Worktop Installers

Ipswich Kitchen Fitters is a full service company when it comes to installing kitchens. Worktop installation is often something that customers think they can do themselves, that is until they try it of course. The skill level in cutting, fitting and joining a worktop is very high. On top of this the tools required to do this are very expensive to buy. To get the perfect mitre joint doing it at home by yourself would be almost impossible. Our skilled worktop fitters can carry out this task with ease. If you are interested in our worktop installation services, feel free to call or email our local customer service team today for more information.

Types of worktops
When deciding what type of worktop to install, you must consider the aesthetic or vibe you are trying to create. There are so many materials you can choose from, such as; Granite, Quartz, Ceramic, Glass, Corian, Wood, Laminate, Stainless Steel and many more. A new worktop could be installed for the dreamy breakfast bar you’ve been thinking of. We offer the same level of customer service, care and precision to every worktop installation regardless of the material. Our local customer service team are contactable by phone and email – reach out today for more information.

Worktop fitters
We are available today to discuss your next project. Our team have extensive carpentry and joinery experience to be able to install your worktops with precision and care. It is important to consider the trade background of a worktop installer because mistakes can be very expensive if a worktop is cut incorrectly, or even worse if a worktop is installed with a mitre joint at the wrong angle or not joined correctly it will create and eye sore in your kitchen for many years. Once your worktop is installed correctly by our team, you’ll be able to enjoy many evening cooking away and making memories with your loved ones. If you are interested in getting a worktop installed then look no further than Ipswich Kitchen Fitters. We can also offer our professional opinion on which brands to work with as part of our consultation.

Areas we serve
Ipswich Kitchen Fitters are your local kitchen/worktop installer of choice! When offering our services we like to feel we have made a difference in the local community by helping beautify your home. Adding a new kitchen can add real value to your house if you are looking to sell and if you are looking to live there for years to come. Either way it’s an investment which if installed by the correct team, will pay dividends for years to come! Our main areas of service are Ipswich, Stowmarket and Bury St Edmunds along with all the villages in between these areas. Our team is available to offer assistance over the phone and if your town isn’t listed here you can still contact our team to discuss your project. If we can’t carry out the work ourselves we should be able to point you in the right direction of another good kitchen/worktop fitter.

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